Meet Zington – one of the partners for STHLM Xperience Conference 2022

Zington is a part of VASS Group, an international digital consultancy agency. Zington is a digital consultancy agency with almost 300 employees in Stockholm. We can help our clients with everything from development, project management, requirements, testing, user experience and design. Zington is an entrepreneurial-driven company where the employees drive the innovation and expansion of the business with their will to make an impact.

We spoke to Olof Sand, the CEO of Zington.

Zington is the main sponsor for STHLM Xperience Conference and this is the 5th year for STHLM Xperience Conference. Tell us more about that.

    Zington has been involved from the start, we see the importance of UX and design in the market. We believed in Tommy Marshall and Veronica Wallström when they pitched the idea for the conference in 2018. It's great that we found this opportunity and succeeded.

    This year’s theme is Our Health. What does that mean for you?

      It is an important part of a lot of peoples lives, and more and more so in the digital landscape. In some cases technology can be harmful for our health, but when done right it is amazing how good design in technology can improve it. For me specifically, it is important that people at work and feel good, physically and mentally.

      What are you most looking forward to at the conference this year? 

        All the Interesting talks, feeling inspired, and meeting people.

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