STHLM Xperience Conference

Welcome to this year's STHLM Xperience Conference. A participatory conference with lectures, practical tips, and workshops. Speakers on stage are experts in their fields.

In order to celebrate World Usability Day, we follow the theme that they set, and this year's theme is Collaboration and Cooperation.

Collaboration and Cooperation

In order to solve the world’s biggest problems, we all have to work together. In 2023, we will focus working together to create solutions, both globally and locally. Let’s connect our work to the big problems of our world and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).

Date: 9 November 2024
Location: In-person (7A Posthuset) & Online 
Time: Doors open at 8:00, conference starts at 9:00 (CET)
Language: English

For me? If you are a Visual Designer, Service Designer, UX Designer, or someone interested in the area (e.g. manager, product owner, business developer or developer) we know that you will learn something new that you can bring back to work.

Keynote speaker

Kelly Dern
Senior Product Designer @ Google

As a Senior Product Designer at Google, I lead the Video AI team, which includes Google Meet, Duo, and Livestreaming for Workspace. I have worked with Google Nest, start-ups, and adidas on various product and UX projects, ranging from hardware-software integration to health tech solutions. I enjoy learning new skills and sharing my knowledge as a speaker, mentor, and advisor in the design community.


Billy Boman
Lead UX/UI Designer @ CHAPTR

Billy is a seasoned designer, currently the UX/UI Lead at CHAPTR, a groundbreaking Generative AI startup. With a decade of experience in the design industry, Billy has honed his skills across a diverse range of disciplines, including Branding, Graphic Design as well as Fashion Design. His expertise in crafting impactful & visually engaging products and experiences has shaped a career marked by interdisciplinary cross-pollination and a refusal to adhere to traditional design boundaries. Billy's passion for design extends beyond traditional realms, as he has also made his mark in the fashion industry working for established brands such as Allsaints, H&M & Tiger of Sweden Jeans. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of trends, he has successfully infused creativity and style into his design projects, constantly pushing boundaries and refusing to adhere to the "rules"

Matthias Lewin & Sofi Ragnefors
Lead Product Owner @ DER Touristik Group & Product Designer @ Zington (Apollo)

Matthias Lewin is an experienced digital product manager who has worked with a variety of digital products in various industries. After doing part-time studies at Hyper Island, Matthias became an advocate for design-driven, customer-centric development. With the assignment to build a customer app for the whole DER Touristik Group he could prove that design in the center leads to a very effiencient development towards a product people love.

Sofi Ragnefors is a product designer with a background in visual design, branding and marketing. With assignments at companies like Magine, Plejmo, Bonville and Spotify she pivoted from visual and branding focus into product and now joins cross-functional teams in the design role. Her most recent interest are the technical aspects of design as well as a stronger focus on user research.

Jenny Theolin
Learning Experience Designer & Facilitator @ Studio Theolin

Jenny Theolin is a renowned learning consultant who brings a fresh perspective to the field. With a wealth of international experience and a background in design, she creates effective, engaging, and memorable learning experiences for organisations, schools, and non-profits. Jenny's holistic approach encompasses the entire learning journey, considering factors like environment, culture, and technology. She strongly believes in the power of collaboration and actively brings together diverse experts to deliver innovative solutions.

Jenny Theolin is presently penning "Dare to Facilitate," an upcoming creative book that dares facilitators to think and do differently. With over 120 bold "dares," it defies traditional norms and empowers even the most seasoned facilitator. Collaborating with 37 experts, Jenny ensures a diverse range of perspectives for the book's anticipated late 2023 release.

Kofi Ankomah
Strategic Account Manager @ FullStory

Kofi is a Strategic Account Manager at FullStory, Collaborating with Organisations across Europe, Middle East and Africa to help them identify new opportunities to acquire new customers whilst minimising the cost of acquisition.

Anamaria Dorgo
Head of Community @ Butter

I’ve spent the last four years building communities of practice and designing collective learning experiences. The Butter Community brings together facilitators, educators, consultants, designers, trainers, and coaches to democratize facilitation as a skill and offer a platform for anyone looking to hone this critical skill. L&D Shakers is a free global community for Learning & Development professionals changing the way learning manifests in our organizations. With over 4,000 members and a Core Team of 40, we were awarded the 2023 Silver Learning Giveback Award by The Learning and Performance Institute. My mission with ‘Handle with Brain’ is to partner with organisations to bring the power of collaboration, innovation, and co-creation by building communities from within, and impactful learning experiences. When I don’t geek about learning and communities, you find me cycling, immersed in fiction books or painting.

Harri Nieminen
Head of CX and Insight @ Stockmann

Harri’s passion is to uncover, design, and deliver not only the best solutions but also the right solutions for all stakeholders involved. At Stockman Harri leads an international team of specialists spanning three countries, providing crucial support to all business units at Stockmann as they strive for greater customer centricity. Outside work Harri enjoys traveling, NYC being his favourite city in the world.

Tom Airaksinen
Product Owner @ PE Accounting

Passionate about the intersection of psychology, design and tech, Tom started out as a UX designer in 2005, but after ten years working at various design agencies realized that he should really be a product guy when he grows up. So in 2016, he transitioned into product work to keep doing all the fun UX stuff but with added prioritization superpowers. Throughout his career, Tom has worked with large consumer brands such as Spotify, Skype, Samsung and others, but found his true calling in B2B SaaS products where the users typically have nowhere to run – they simply HAVE to use a product that someone else has chosen for them. To Tom, improving their lives and showing that also more mundane systems can be built with love presents an immensely meaningful challenge.

Marwin Brandt
Digital Design Director @ SEB

Marwin is a creative with over 20 years of design experience. Prior to SEB Marwin worked as a consultant with clients such as Aleris, TV4, and SVT. During which he has received several awards, including Svenska Designpriset.

His approach to work focuses on collaboration and creativity as keys to project success. By promoting close cooperation among designers, developers and stakeholders. He strongly believes in giving the team autonomy to make design decisions, which streamlines the journey from idea to product delivery.

Axel Hansers
User Researcher II @ Spotify

Axel is a nature lover and a nerd with specific interests in Psychology and Technology. He has an educational background in Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Human–computer interaction. Apart from working with mixed methods research and having a passion for IT ethics Axel does all kinds of outdoor adventures, he read books and he meditate.

Oscar Rabadán & Elisa Abuin
UX/Product Designer @ NATEEVO

Oscar is a passionate Product Designer with a focus on AI, accessibility, and analytics. He has a wealth of experience working on diverse projects and collaborating with various organizations. At ManoMano, Oscar played a crucial role in designing the seller experience for coupon campaigns, creating intuitive interfaces to empower sellers and maximize their sales through strategic coupon utilization. Additionally, while working with the Barcelona City Council, he led user-centered design efforts, prioritizing accessibility and communication for websites and apps, ensuring citizens could easily access information and engage with digital platforms. Recently, Oscar joined CUPRA, where he played a pivotal role in defining the user experience of the MyCUPRA App, aiming to enhance customer interactions and overall satisfaction.

Elisa is a UX & Product Designer with a passion for cognitive studies, speculative design and AI. The last couple of years Elisa has been working for a variety of international companies and organizations, including The United Nations UN Women, designing social platforms for government bodies such as Madrid City Council, as well as creating design strategies for sustainability and corporate tools for industrial clients, particularly Mitsubishi Nippon Gases. More recently, Elisa has been working for the Spanish bank BBVA designing solutions for the bank app, as well as improving the accessibility of ATMs, and being a part of the global Design System team. The diversity of projects Elisa has been working on throughout the years has given her a broad vision of design processes and methodologies.

Both Oscar and Elisa is part of the AI research team at NATEEVO, exploring innovative ways to integrate AI tools into the design process, driving transformative outcomes, and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Johan Schauman
Product Manager Digital Co-Development @ Skatteverket

Johan has been working at the Swedish Tax Agency since 1999 in many different fields, but for more than ten years he has been focusing on digital development in a concrete social context. He was a change leader for the Swedish Tax Agency´s digital transformation during 2017 and is currently working mainly with Co-development, where the public and private sector together make everyday life easier for private individuals and companies by developing solutions that focus on the customer's natural needs.

Petra Smolčić
Product Designer

Petra is a product designer whose professional journey started over a decade ago. Formerly a digital media designer, she transitioned to UX/UI, where she discovered a deep passion for UX research and creative product development. Working with a variety of industries, Petra gained experience in different approaches to UX discovery and strategic planning. Currently employed as a product designer in a German-based company, Petra also dedicates her time to continuous learning and sharing her UX experiences with others. Through her Instagram presence, she is actively building a community of designers who help each other in day-to-day professional growth.

Workshop facilitators

Maria Lifsten
UX and Service Designer @ Zington

Maria is a creative UX/UI designer with strategic thinking and a great interest in the user.

With +20 years of experience in design, she has the ability to both see details and the big perspective. Maria likes to create digital services that solve problems and create social and business benefit.

She is experienced as a consultant with expertise in the entire design process, from initial research, customer journeys and impact mapping to prototypes, user tests and finished design. She thrives in leading roles and agile teams in changing environments. Maria's working method involves interviews and current situation analyzes to identify problems and opportunities. It is important for Maria to involve the team and stakeholders, including through workshops and sharing of insights. She is used to communicating about design, driving UX issues and being part of agile teams.

Kathleen Asjes
Research & Insights leader @ Stippen

Kathleen is an independent research consultant and coach, passionate about empowering growth for people and businesses. She enjoys building research capacity from scratch and has spent these last 15 years leading teams of researchers, designers and product managers on their journey towards working insight-informed. She is also the founder of a new peer-to-peer coaching initiative for research leaders, called Grow & Connect.

After growing up in a tiny village in the Netherlands it was time to explore the world. Kathleen has lived in South Korea, Australia, Sweden and is currently residing in France. Outside work, she enjoys rowing on the Seine, running after her three gremlins and probably should be spending more time trying to learn French.

Lara Gavina
Head of Strategy @ North Kingdom

Italian, with an international work background, Lara specialises in workshop facilitation, product management & strategy, and as part of North Kingdom she primarily collaborates with the gaming and tech industry. She regularly designs and hosts different types of workshops - from team buildings to ideation, from prioritisation to product visions. Nicknamed "the voice of reason", Lara is curious about the creative process and how team dynamics affect the creation of novel ideas.

Peter Antoniuo & Tommy Marshall
Senior Solutions Engineer @ Fullstory & Head of UX @ Zington

Peter is a Senior Solutions Engineer at FullStory, working with clients globally across Retail, SaaS, Media, Travel & Finance to improve their customers' digital experiences.

Tommy has worked within the field for over 10 years and is now Head of UX at Zington. He is a senior UX and Service designer who has worked with clients such as SEB, Scania, and Konsumentverket. His expertise is in service design, UX strategy, and user research. He is a strong believer in combining qualitative and quantitative methods and has been working with Fullstory for the last few years.

Angelica Brockne
Design Leader & Facilitator @ EvolvX

Angelica is a senior UX designer and facilitator with broad experience across various industries. With a mission to improve the user experience, spanning from the grocery industry (ICA) to the technical industry (Sandvik Coromant) and everything in between, Angelica has shown that the UX toolkit is helpful in almost any situation. She has a passion for co-creation, sustainable teams, and ideation. Therefore, it's not surprising that she thrives best in the role of a facilitator. With extensive research experience and a curiosity for user needs, Angelica has recently expanded her toolkit even more. She is a recent graduate as a Psychosynthesis therapist and is currently studying to become an organizational consultant with the goal of working even more with team and individual growth.

Anna Trulsson
Design Leader & UX Strategist @ Curious Kind

Anna is a freelance UX Designer, strategist, and facilitator. After many years in the UX industry, she has built a diverse toolkit that comes in handy daily, both personally and professionally. It can be everything from hosting family workshops about vacation plans to resolving complex challenges at work. Anna has collaborated with various companies, and industries ranging from bank (Avanza) to travel (Ving). As a freelancer, her focus lies within strategic thinking, coaching teams to excel in insight-driven development, and making the design toolbox accessible to more people - even non-designers! Her newly found home is in Portugal where she lives with her family near the beach, right between the beat of Lisbon and the tranquil hills of Sintra.

Melinda Dahlgren & Alessandra Hygrell
UX research @ SEB

Melinda and Alessandra are UX researchers at SEBs digital sales and service team. Melinda has worked with qualitative research methods to digitalize and improve digital products and services. Alessandra has worked with combining qualitative and quantitative data to improve the digital customer experience.

Lotta Olkinuora
Head of Customer Success @ LeanLab

Lotta has over 10 years of user insight knowledge and expertise under her belt across various industries (e.g. FMCG, travel, finance, healthcare, and media) globally. Using mixed methods, she has helped numerous organisations continuously engage users as part of user experience, product and service development.

Marco Cavazzana
Chief Design Officer @ Variant Sweden

An award-winning Global Leader and Visionary within Design, Tech and Innovation 

For the past 20+ years, he has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious tech, creative agencies and brands, transforming creativity and insights into extraordinary experiences and driving brand and business impact. He has co-founded start-ups and led top-tier organisations, guest judged on the TV Show Top Model, and exhibited my work in galleries across Europe, Asia and the USA. 

Brand Experience: 

IKEA, Alstom, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Mercedes Benz, Telia Company, 3, Fremantle Media, Sony Ericsson, TBWA, McCann Erickson, Forsman & Bodenfors, FischerAppelt, BMW, DNA Telecoms, Björn Axén, Hahnemühle Fine Art, Top Model TV Show, FILA, Viasat, Oriflame, Exuviance, Neostrata, Davines, Toni & Guy, IKANO BANK, Samsung Galaxy


This year's physical conference will be at 7A Posthuset. The main stage in one of the two atriums with beautiful light and capacity for up to 400 people. Break out sessions, lunch, and mingle will take place in the other. 

7A knows that food and drink are an important part of a successful and inspiring conference. There will be breakfast, lunch, and fika and coffee and tea served all day. Vegetarian or vegan? Allergies? No problem, just let us know.


Jane Ruffino
Founder and Content Designer at Character

Jane Ruffino is a content designer and UX writer with a focus on training and facilitation. She’s been teaching and designing learning experiences for more than 20 years, and she’s developed and taught courses for Sweden’s premier communications school, Berghs School of Communication. She’s also designed courses and training for the UX Design Institute, and for corporate and educational clients across the US, Europe, and Asia. As a practitioner, she works with clients all over the world to use language to shape products and services from the ground up. 

Jane’s professional experience also includes archaeology, documentary production, print journalism, school workshops, and adult education. Forever an archaeologist at heart, she cares deeply about how humans use things to mediate relationships, so she’s also completing a PhD in the archaeology of the subsea fiber optic cable network.

She’s been running and hosting events since the mid-1990s, from booking punk shows in sketchy bar basements to programming for international festivals. Jane lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her partner, their toddler daughter, and a little rescue dog who would do almost anything for cheese.

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Ticket prices

We offer different ticket prices depending on when you purchase your ticket. Physical conferenceThere are a limited number of tickets released for the different ticket types.

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    Contact us at  sthlm.xperience [at]  if you have any questions or feedback about the event. See you at the conference!

    Veronica Wallström
    Head of Design

    Tommy Marshall
    Head of UX

    Conference Venue

    We will be using Confetti as our digital venue, with two cameras live streaming from the physical conference, and different interactive tools to make you feel like you are on site. 

    Our physical venue is 7A Posthuset, located at Stockholm's most central address, Vasagatan 28 , 111 20 Stockholm, which makes it easy to get to. Not liking stairs? No worries, there is another entrance at Mäster Samuelsgatan 70, this is an accessibility adapted entrance. 

    • 1 minute to Stockholm Central Station
    • 1 minute to Arlanda Express

    We hope to see you on November 9th 2023.